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  • Staying Motivated

    Anyone can join, founded March 7, 2007

    What Keeps Us Motivated?

    One of the hardest things to do once you have made a commitment is sticking to it for the long term. Yes, once we understand that it is important to exercise regularly or sculpt & workout regularly, we then realize that we...

  • Nutrition Club

    Anyone can join, founded March 2, 2007

    Free electronic health evaluations. Give us 5 minutes and we'll give you: your ideal body weight, your lean body mass, your metabolic rate.

  • Personal Training Group for Women

    Anyone can join, founded July 16, 2007

    Get in shape and reach your personal best!
    *Weight Loss
    *Meal Planning
    *Group Exercise Classes!
    -Weight Training
    -Cardio CrossTraining
    -Physioball Training


  • Young At Heart

    Anyone can join, founded January 6, 2009

    We are young at heart, even if our bodies don't quite work the same as when we were younger. We work together to stay motivated and keep an active lifestyle as we chase the whipper-snappers off our lawn.

  • Beginner Fitness

    Anyone can join, founded June 27, 2008

    This is an online-only group for beginners from coast to coast. There will be two scheduled workouts per week (combining cardio and strength training) and one free day per week (choose swimming, biking, group class, whatever!). Led by co-founder of...

  • Personal Training Feature Discussion

    Anyone can join, founded February 26, 2007

    The purpose of this group is to discuss the most valuable tools for trainers to better serve their clients. From online scheduling to more in depth trainer specific features, what are the tools that you as a trainer have always dreamed about being able...

  • Bodybuilders

    Anyone can join, founded October 18, 2007

    Anyone who dedicates themselves to muscle building

  • Hiking

    Anyone can join, founded February 27, 2007

    For hikers and trail runners alike. This group is for those who like climbing a steep slope to see a beautifil veiw of the ocean.

  • HeavyWeights

    Anyone can join, founded March 15, 2007

    HeavyWeights is dedicated to helping people who are 50 pounds plus overweight get the information and support they need to improve their health and lose excess weight. This group helps reduce your stress and the need to overeat, increases your activity...

  • Bloomsday Road Runners Club

    Anyone can join, founded August 26, 2006

    The purpose of the Bloomsday Road Runners Club is to promote long distance running and fitness.

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