Stability Ball Exercises

  • Sun Salutation

    This exercise is a good one to do for a warm-up before any activity.

  • Superman

    This exercise is challenging on your balance as well as being a lower back and glute toner.

  • Supine Leg Pendulum

    Hold the ball with your legs as you work your obliques with a leg rock.

  • Torso Twist

    This is a lightweight exercise, but a heavy weight in the effectiveness category.

  • Tricep Extension

    This targets your triceps but will also give you a moderate back and abdominal workout since you are seated on the ball.

  • Tricep Kickback

    By sitting on the stability ball, you also work your balance while strengthening your triceps.

  • Upright Row

    This will strengthen the back and shoulders while you are seated on the ball.

  • Upright Stationary Lunges

    A lunge without moving the feet, this increases the challenge by using your arms overhead.

  • Walkout

    This provides a terrific way to work your core balance with your lower body balance and builds abdominal strength as well

  • Wall Push-ups

    This version of wall push-up works your stability muscles in your shoulders while strengthening your chest muscles.


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