Stability Ball Exercises

  • Seated Row

    This option of the row allows you to rest your legs while you tone your upper body, namely your back and rear shoulders.

  • Shin Rolls

    This is a challenging but fun exercise as you roll the ball down your shins towards your feet trying to not let it fall.

  • Shoulder Press

    Along with providing lower body support, this provides a stretch for your lats and rear shoulders while strengthening your shoulders.

  • Side-lying Oblique Crunch

    Works the obliques without a twist in the spine.

  • Squats

    Holding the ball in front of you gives your hands a specific place to be so you can execute the squats with good form; additionally, it adds weight to the squat.

  • Standing Glute Press

    This leg press challenges your balance and core strength while toning your glutes and hamstrings.

  • Standing Leg Lift

    An advanced exercise, this works both hamstrings from different angles. Targeting the glutes and hamstrings together can produce results even faster.

  • Standing Plank

    This is even more challenging than a plank on your elbows because of the instability that the ball produces.

  • Standing Rear Deltoid Fly

    This rear fly strengthens your upper back and rear shoulders in addition to strengthening your lower back.

  • Stationary Lunges

    The ball gives you a little bit of stability and makes stationary lunges more interesting than they are without the ball.


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