Stability Ball Exercises

  • Glute Squeeze

    A heart rate lifter, this involves your whole body instead of just your glutes. You will also work your chest, triceps, back and abs.

  • Hamstring Roll-out

    This works your abdominals and prepares you for the more difficult levels of the roll-out.

  • Hip Abduction

    This is a side-lying exercise incorporating the ball to strengthen your outer thigh and core balance.

  • Hip Adduction

    Toning the inside of your thighs can help give your hips stability, lowering your chance for injuries such as slipping and falling and pulling a muscle.

  • Incline Chest Press

    Keeping your hips lower than your chest targets the upper chest muscles more than regular chest press does.

  • Intermediate Push-ups

    Using a stability ball, you can do these push-ups in order to challenge your chest muscles from a different angle than when your feet are on the floor.

  • Knee Lift

    Sitting on the ball while lifting one knee challenges your balance and strengthens your core.

  • Knee Lift With Extension

    This challenges your balance while strengthening your core and legs.

  • Knee Tucks

    This promotes flexibility in the lower back and develops proprioception as you are taking your hips over your head while balancing on the ball and using your abs to tuck your knees to your chest.

  • Lateral Deltoid Raise

    Work your shoulders and your posture at the same time by sitting on the ball.


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