Stability Ball Exercises

  • Crunch And Tuck

    This is a basic crunch with the added contraction of the lower abs to target the transversus as well.

  • Crunches

    The importance of abdominal strength virtually cannot be overstated. It provides a support system for your entire body, and these crunches can get tough quickly when executed properly.

  • Crunches With Leg Lift

    This crunch challenges your balance while strengthening your abs, obliques included!

  • Deltoid Fly

    Rest your legs and tone your shoulders while creating good posture by sitting on the ball.

  • Drop And Catch

    Harder than the ball lift, you have to keep your legs in the air while you play catch with your feet using the stability ball.

  • Foot To Ball

    This leg lift will strengthen your hip rotators, your glutes, and your quadriceps and will enable you to balance on one leg while the other leg is moving up and down.

  • Forearm Curl

    Forearm strength will help you grip weights better and improve your performance in such sports as baseball or rock climbing. Grab a 1-5 pound dumbbell and do this exercise every week.

  • Front Deltoid Raise

    This will tone the front of your shoulders while providing lower body support since you are seated on the ball.

  • Glute Bridge

    This glute press tones the glutes and challenges your core and balance by incorporating the ball.

  • Glute Press

    You can strengthen your balance and your glutes at the same time with this exercise.


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