Chest Exercises - Stability Ball

Other ways to work your Chest: Bodyweight Free Weight Machine Resistance Tube

Exercises with your chest as the primary target:

  • Chest Fly

    With this movement you will get a chest stretch while you strengthen the chest and biceps.

  • Chest Press

    You can adjust the weight with this chest exercise more than you can with a push-up but still strengthen the same muscles.

  • Incline Chest Press

    Keeping your hips lower than your chest targets the upper chest muscles more than regular chest press does.

  • Push-ups

    Great for your chest, triceps, abs, and anterior deltoids.

  • Advanced Push-ups

    This push-up on the ball is challenging because you have to balance with your core strength as you work the chest and triceps.

  • Intermediate Push-ups

    Using a stability ball, you can do these push-ups in order to challenge your chest muscles from a different angle than when your feet are on the floor.

  • Wall Push-ups

    This version of wall push-up works your stability muscles in your shoulders while strengthening your chest muscles.

Exercises with your chest as a contributor:

  • Plank

    This works your transverse abdominals, back, and triceps and can help build strength to do push-ups.

  • Knee Tucks

    This promotes flexibility in the lower back and develops proprioception as you are taking your hips over your head while balancing on the ball and using your abs to tuck your knees to your chest.

  • Pike

    A hard variation of plank exercise, this will develop upper body and core strength.

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