Back Exercises - Stability Ball

Other ways to work your Back: Bodyweight Bosu Free Weight Machine Medicine Ball Resistance Tube Wobble Board

Exercises with your back as the primary target:

  • Active Sitting

    Sitting with good posture on a stability ball is good for everyone. If you are very fit, assume this posture and execute various exercises. If you are unfit, sit on the ball and try to maintain good posture to strengthen your core and balance muscles.

  • Back Extension

    This allows you to strengthen your lower back without having to lay face down on the floor or hold heavy weight in your hands.

  • Knee Lift

    Sitting on the ball while lifting one knee challenges your balance and strengthens your core.

  • Row

    Another good posture builder, this strengthens one arm at a time so that each arm has to pull its own weight, no pun intended.

  • Knee Lift With Extension

    This challenges your balance while strengthening your core and legs.

  • Row With Rotation

    This exercise is a great rear shoulder strengthener which not only gives your arms beautiful tone but contributes to good posture.

  • Seated Row

    This option of the row allows you to rest your legs while you tone your upper body, namely your back and rear shoulders.

  • Sun Salutation

    This exercise is a good one to do for a warm-up before any activity.

  • Superman

    This exercise is challenging on your balance as well as being a lower back and glute toner.

Exercises with your back as a contributor:

  • Leg Extension

    This challenges your balance while strengthening your quadriceps and your core.

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