Stability Ball Exercises

  • Active Sitting

    Sitting with good posture on a stability ball is good for everyone. If you are very fit, assume this posture and execute various exercises. If you are unfit, sit on the ball and try to maintain good posture to strengthen your core and balance muscles.

  • Advanced Bridge Balance

    A very challenging way to increase your core balance and hip strength.

  • Advanced Hamstring Roll-out

    The most challenging hamstring roll-out, this one is will give you sculpted hamstrings and help you develop an ability to balance with movement.

  • Advanced Push-ups

    This push-up on the ball is challenging because you have to balance with your core strength as you work the chest and triceps.

  • Advanced Squats

    Take your hips low (knee height) in order to work the full range of motion of your hip muscles.

  • Around The World

    A twist on the original crunch, target your abdominals from many angles with these crunches.

  • Back Extension

    This allows you to strengthen your lower back without having to lay face down on the floor or hold heavy weight in your hands.

  • Balance With Ball Roll

    This will strengthen your hip rotators, your glutes, and your quadriceps and enable you to balance on one leg while the other leg is moving.

  • Ball Curl

    This exercise is done lying down and uses your abs and hamstrings to lift the ball.

  • Ball Lift

    Use your abdominals and thighs to lift the ball into the air.


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