Resistance Tube Exercises

  • Back Extension

    This offers slightly more resistance than simply hinging forward into a table top position with no resistance.

  • Bicep Curl

    This exercise can easily follow a shoulder or arm exercise for a fast transition in your arm workout with tubes.

  • Calf Press

    This is a fun way to incorporate the tube into your calf workout so that calves do not get left out of your resistance training circuit.

  • Chest Fly

    Doing chest fly with tubes provides constant tension, and you can easily make it harder or easier by adjusting your distance from the middle of the tube.

  • Chest Press

    This is a great way to do chest press while standing. Using tubes allow you to adjust the resistance simply by stepping further away or closer to the tube, saving time from having to retrieve different dumbbells.

  • Decline Chest Press

    This enables you to do decline chest press while standing. Increasing or decreasing difficulty is easy-simply adjust the distance of your body from the tube.

  • Deltoid Fly

    Using a tube for this exercise allows you to incorporate shoulder work right alongside the rest of your tube workout to make transition times short and effective.

  • Eversion

    Keeping these muscles strong can help prevent ankle sprains. Use a resistance band to do this exercise and strengthen the outside of your ankles.

  • External Rotation

    This should be included in everyone's workout to keep the shoulder's rotator cuff strong, and since tubes are portable, you can take them with you anywhere.

  • Forearm Curl

    You can do this exercise right after doing arm and shoulder work with tubes, thus reducing transition time between exercises.

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