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Other ways to work your Thighs: Bodyweight Bosu Free Weight Medicine Ball Resistance Tube Stability Ball Wobble Board

Exercises with your thighs as the primary target:

  • Hip Adduction

    This seated machine allows you to rest the other muscles of your legs while you fatigue your inner thighs, and is non-strenuous on your knees.

  • Leg Curl

    A great option for hamstring isolation if you prefer not to lie down on your stomach. The back pad encourages your spine to remain still and your hips to remain in contact with the bench.

  • Leg Extension

    This machine isolates the quadriceps and strengthens the patellar tendon to help power you through any motion when your legs are involved. It is very beneficial for those who tend to pronate or walk turned out to prevent future knee problems.

  • Squats

    Very similar to a free-standing squat, this machine allows you to load the weight on your legs without your upper body holding the weight. It also provides back support therefore encourages good posture, reducing risk of injury by having improper form.

  • Cable Hip Adduction

    This works your inner thigh muscle and muscles deep within the hip. It requires you to resist the weight while standing instead of while sitting, therefore strengthens your muscles in an elongated state.

  • Prone Leg Curl

    This targets the back of your thighs and can prevent you from using other muscles to assist the motion when done with proper form.

Exercises with your thighs as a contributor:

  • Back Extension

    If your gym does not have a specific back extension machine, this is a good way to strengthen the lower back without hyperextending it or having to lay face down.

  • Glute Press

    This machine reaches a hard-to-isolate area and allows you to load on the weight so you don't have to do excessive amounts of reps to reach fatigue.


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