Shoulder Exercises - Machine

Other ways to work your Shoulders: Bodyweight Free Weight Resistance Tube Stability Ball Stretching

Exercises with your shoulders as the primary target:

  • Deltoid Fly

    This machine targets the deltoids directly by having your arms press the weight up instead of having your hands hold the weight and stressing the wrists and forearms.

  • External Rotation

    The cable provides constant, even tension throughout the movement so that you know exactly how much weight you are using.

  • Front Deltoid Raise

    This works the front of the shoulder as well as the bicep.

  • Internal Rotation

    Using a cable provides constant tension and allows you to monitor the weight you are using then increase or decrease when appropriate.

  • Lateral Deltoid Raise

    This can be done at almost any gym by using a cable and a single grip handle.

  • Rear Deltoid Fly

    This exercise counteracts the forward-rounded position most of us assume throughout our day by working at the computer, driving, or walking with a backpack. This exercise guides you through a safe range of motion while strengthening your rear shoulders.

  • Shoulder Press

    This machine will help guide your arms through a safe range of motion overhead to develop shoulder strength and stretch the lats and rear shoulders.

  • Cable Shoulder Press

    Using two separate cables requires each arm to pull its own weight and use its stabilizers to keep your arms steady.

  • Chest Press - Smith Machine

    The Smith Machine is a piece of equipment used in weight training, usually in gyms. It consists of a barbell that is fixed within steel rails, allowing only vertical movement. The weight is placed on the ends of the barbell then slid to the midline.

  • Upright Row

    This uses a cable and a straight or curved bar to strengthen your shoulders.

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