Arm Exercises - Machine

Other ways to work your Arms: Bodyweight Free Weight Medicine Ball Resistance Tube Stability Ball Stretching

Exercises with your arms as the primary target:

  • Bicep Curl

    The bicep curl machine is a good option since it encourages good posture and allows you to quickly increase or decrease your weight for each set without needing to retrieve different dumbbells.

  • Forearm Curl

    Doing this with a cable allows you to add weight progressively to adjust to your needs.

  • Tricep Extension

    Using a cable provides consistent, constant tension during the exercise and allows you to easily adjust your weight during or between sets.

  • Assisted Tricep Dip

    This exercise uses a weight stack to assist you in lifting your body weight using mainly your triceps.

  • Cable Bicep Curl

    Resistance is provided consistently for the biceps throughout the exercise.

  • Cable Incline Tricep Extension

    Using a cable machine to work your triceps allow you to also strengthen your core since you have a split leg stance, as well as challenge your balance.

  • Preacher Curl

    This is similar to the free weight exercise that isolates the biceps but offers a guided path for your arms.

  • Reverse Forearm Curl

    This exercise is beneficial if you participate in sports such as baseball, competitive weight lifting, or rock climbing.

  • Rope Tricep Extension

    Using the rope allows you to work through the whole range of motion of your arm.

  • Tricep Pushdown

    The tricep pushdown allows you to isolate your triceps.

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