Abdominal Exercises - Machine

Other ways to work your Abdominals: Bodyweight Bosu Free Weight Medicine Ball Resistance Tube Stability Ball

Exercises with your abdominals as the primary target:

  • Crunches

    With proper form, this machine can take the place of hundreds of crunches that you may be used to doing by making each crunch many times harder than it would be without the added weight.

  • Torso Twist

    In order to provide total support for your core, it is important to strengthen your obliques-this machine can help you attain lean, strong obliques without having to hold any weight in your hands or having to bend sideways.

  • Cable Side Bend

    This exercise uses a cable in order to provide resistance for the obliques.

Exercises with your abdominals as a contributor:

  • Woodchopper

    This exercise translates well to the outside world in sports like baseball, swimming, rock climbing, and more.


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