Machine Exercises

  • Reverse Forearm Curl

    This exercise is beneficial if you participate in sports such as baseball, competitive weight lifting, or rock climbing.

  • Rope Tricep Extension

    Using the rope allows you to work through the whole range of motion of your arm.

  • Row

    This pulling exercise counteracts what normally happens to our back posture throughout the day: slouching and rounding our shoulders forward. This specifically targets your middle and upper back and rear shoulders to build better posture.

  • Row With Rotation

    When you add a rotation, your rotator cuff muscles will receive the benefit and get stronger to help support your arms during upper body movement.

  • Shoulder Press

    This machine will help guide your arms through a safe range of motion overhead to develop shoulder strength and stretch the lats and rear shoulders.

  • Split Lunge Row

    This strengthens your legs, your core, and your back and biceps while challenging your balance.

  • Squats

    Very similar to a free-standing squat, this machine allows you to load the weight on your legs without your upper body holding the weight. It also provides back support therefore encourages good posture, reducing risk of injury by having improper form.

  • Torso Twist

    In order to provide total support for your core, it is important to strengthen your obliques-this machine can help you attain lean, strong obliques without having to hold any weight in your hands or having to bend sideways.

  • Tricep Extension

    Using a cable provides consistent, constant tension during the exercise and allows you to easily adjust your weight during or between sets.

  • Tricep Pushdown

    The tricep pushdown allows you to isolate your triceps.


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