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Other ways to work your Shoulders: Bodyweight Machine Resistance Tube Stability Ball Stretching

Exercises with your shoulders as the primary target:

  • Deltoid Fly

    You can lift more weight without straining your elbows with this exercise.

  • External Rotation

    Keeping the rotator cuff strong is essential to living without shoulder pain and setting up your upper body for continuous strength gains.

  • Front Deltoid Raise

    With a couple of lightweight dumbbells, you can develop the front shoulder muscles with this simple exercise.

  • Lateral Deltoid Raise

    This exercise helps add shape to your shoulders and can help develop good posture.

  • Rear Deltoid Fly

    This exercise is a must for good posture and total shoulder definition. It can also help prevent neck and upper shoulder tension.

  • Shoulder Press

    This is a great exercise for building strength where overhead movement is involved, such as putting a box in your attic. It will stretch and strengthen your shoulders simultaneously.

  • Shoulder Shrugs

    Give your arms a break while you strengthen your shoulders and upper back with this exercise with a couple of dumbbells.

  • Barbell Front Deltoid Raise

    Using a bar may allow you to lift slightly more weight than if you did the same exercise with dumbbells.

  • Barbell Military Press

    It is challenging to maintain good posture with this exercise since you are standing without back support while pressing weight from the front of your neck to overhead.

  • Barbell Shoulder Press

    Doing a shoulder press with a bar allows your arms to help each other to steady the weight.


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