Free Weight Exercises

  • Advanced Split Leg Squat

    This is a squat that is executed with your toes on a bench behind you to concentrate on the strength training of the front leg.

  • Alternating Knee Lifts

    This is a good modification for the double leg lift-you can still build the strength that is essential for lifting both legs at the same time (in the pike position).

  • Back Extension

    Strong lower back muscles enable you to perform to your full potential, and can help prevent back pain and injuries. This apparatus will help you fatigue quickly since you are at an incline.

  • Barbell Bicep Curl

    This exercise requires your arms to know their path as they curl the weight away from gravity, so make sure you are familiar with the correct technique.

  • Barbell Calf Press

    Using a barbell while doing calf press gives your arms andshoulders a workout while strengthening your calves.

  • Barbell Chest Press

    This is a typical "bench press" done with a barbell with weighted plates on each end of the bar.

  • Barbell Dead Lift

    This is an exercise for strengthening the lower back and hamstrings. It is easier to lift a little bit more weight when you have a barbell than if you are using dumbbells.

  • Barbell Decline Chest Press

    Using a barbell allows you to strengthen your stability muscles in your shoulders and chest.

  • Barbell Front Deltoid Raise

    Using a bar may allow you to lift slightly more weight than if you did the same exercise with dumbbells.

  • Barbell Incline Chest Press

    Using an incline bench targets the upper chest more so than using a flat bench for chest press. You can even vary the angles on some benches.


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