Thigh Exercises

Exercises with your thighs as a contributor:

  • Glute Press - Stability Ball

    You can strengthen your balance and your glutes at the same time with this exercise.

  • Glute Press - Resistance Tube

    Using the tube for glute press adds resistance in order to make your hip fatigue in fewer reps.

  • Glute Press - Machine

    This machine reaches a hard-to-isolate area and allows you to load on the weight so you don't have to do excessive amounts of reps to reach fatigue.

  • Glute Squeeze - Bodyweight

    This is simple enough that you can do it while sunbathing, yet it is highly effective and non-strenuous on your knees.

  • Glute Squeeze - Stability Ball

    A heart rate lifter, this involves your whole body instead of just your glutes. You will also work your chest, triceps, back and abs.

  • Knee Lift - Stability Ball

    Sitting on the ball while lifting one knee challenges your balance and strengthens your core.

  • Wobble Board Squats - Wobble Board

    Doing a squat on the wobble board not only strengthens the leg and hip muscles like traditional squats do, but it also strengthens the stability muscles in your hips, knees and ankles.

  • Wobble Board Stand - Wobble Board

    Standing on the wobble board strengthens your outer thighs, knees and ankles and will help improve your performance in such activities as snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing.

  • Advanced Birddog - Bodyweight

    This can be modified to be made more difficult or less difficult depending on your ability.

  • Advanced Bosu Balance - Bosu

    This is an advanced exercise to try once you are comfortable balancing on the Bosu. It is challenging because of the incredible stability and strength needed in one leg to support the weight of the whole body.

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