Lower Leg Exercises

Exercises with your lower legs as the primary target:

  • Inversion - Resistance Tube

    Keeping these muscles strong can help prevent ankle sprains. Use a resistance band to do this exercise and strengthen the inside of your ankles.

  • Toe Lift - Bodyweight

    You can do these at your desk, in a grocery store line, or in your airplane seat. In the absence of an anterior tibialis machine, this is helpful for athletes who play soccer, snowboard, and other sports which rely on lower leg muscles. Also known as To

  • Barbell Calf Press - Free Weight

    Using a barbell while doing calf press gives your arms andshoulders a workout while strengthening your calves.

  • Cable Calf Press - Machine

    This exercise does not put weight on your spine like a regular standing calf press machine. It also gives your arms a good workout while working your calves.

  • Loaded Calf Press - Free Weight

    You can as much weight onto this machine as your calves can handle without your arms having to hold the weight.

  • Seated Calf Press - Free Weight

    Give your arms and spine some time off while you sit and do this seated calf press to strengthen your lower legs.

  • Single Calf Press - Bodyweight

    This strengthens one leg at a time while also challenging your balance.

Exercises with your lower legs as a contributor:

  • Advanced Wobble Board Stand - Wobble Board

    Standing on the wobble board and twisting adds an element of movement in your upper body in order to isolate your torso and legs and is very challenging on your balance.

  • Bosu Balance - Bosu

    This is the basic position you want to be in when doing any type of exercise on the Bosu.

  • Hip Abduction - Resistance Tube

    This can be done back to back with any of the exercises that involve stepping on the tube to give your arms a slight rest while you work your legs.

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