Hip Exercises

Exercises with your hips as the primary target:

  • Hip Abduction - Bodyweight

    This is a subtle exercise to strengthen your abductors that you can do anywhere you can lay down.

  • Hip Abduction - Resistance Tube

    This can be done back to back with any of the exercises that involve stepping on the tube to give your arms a slight rest while you work your legs.

  • Hip Abduction - Machine

    This seated machine allows you to rest the other muscles of your legs while you fatigue your outer thighs, and allows you to load more weight on as necessary.

  • Lunges - Bodyweight

    Lunges can be done anywhere and just a few can really fatigue your leg and hip muscles.

  • Oblique Twist With Medicine Ball - Medicine Ball

    Knowing how to isolate your upper and lower body is important not only for sports and fitness but for ease in moving through your daily activities. This one legged balance is helpful in developing this movment.

  • One Leg Stand - Stability Ball

    This is a good practice for people of all ability levels. Holding the ball is challenging because you won't be able to use your arms to help you find your balance.

  • One Leg Stand - Bodyweight

    You can do this anywhere since no equipment is needed. It is important for anyone to be able to do in order to move through their day unrestricted.

  • Wobble Board Squats - Wobble Board

    Doing a squat on the wobble board not only strengthens the leg and hip muscles like traditional squats do, but it also strengthens the stability muscles in your hips, knees and ankles.

  • Wobble Board Stand - Wobble Board

    Standing on the wobble board strengthens your outer thighs, knees and ankles and will help improve your performance in such activities as snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing.

  • Advanced Bosu Balance - Bosu

    This is an advanced exercise to try once you are comfortable balancing on the Bosu. It is challenging because of the incredible stability and strength needed in one leg to support the weight of the whole body.

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