Chest Exercises

Exercises with your chest as the primary target:

  • Smith Decline Chest Press - Free Weight

    This exercise pairs well with incline chest press, as it targets the lower pecs (chest muscles). Because you are on the Smith Machine, it will guide your motion so that you do not have to worry about dropping the bar too early or "getting stuck".

  • Smith Incline Chest Press - Free Weight

    Using the Smith Machine to guide your motion in chest press allows you to lift heavier weight safely than if done with a regular barbell alone.

  • Wall Push-ups - Stability Ball

    This version of wall push-up works your stability muscles in your shoulders while strengthening your chest muscles.

  • Wall Push-ups - Bodyweight

    This exercise is executed like a push-up but is done on a wall so that you can concentrate on proper form.

Exercises with your chest as a contributor:

  • Plank - Stability Ball

    This works your transverse abdominals, back, and triceps and can help build strength to do push-ups.

  • Plank - Bodyweight

    The plank strengthens your upper body and your abdominals.

  • Tricep Dip - Bodyweight

    This exercise focuses on the triceps and must be done with proper form and a small range of motion in order to ensure that you are not sacrificing the health of your rotator cuffs.

  • Advanced Plank - Bodyweight

    The advanced plank is a great core strengthener and is easy to make more intense simply by holding the position longer.

  • Cable Incline Tricep Extension - Machine

    Using a cable machine to work your triceps allow you to also strengthen your core since you have a split leg stance, as well as challenge your balance.

  • Incline Tricep Extension - Resistance Tube

    As long as you have a place to secure one end of the tube, you can do this exercise which targets your tricep at a different angle than some other traditional tricep exercises.

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