Shoulder Press - Stretching

Other types of Shoulder Press: Free Weight Machine Resistance Tube Stability Ball

  • Sit against a wall in a cross-legged position or stand with your back on the wall and knees slightly bent. Retract your scapulae aiming to get your shoulders flush with the wall.

  • Put the backs of your hands and arms against the wall and pull your elbows close to your waist without leaning forward. Reach your hands towards the ceiling trying to straighten your arms completely. Return to starting position.

  • You can do this seated on a bench, cross-legged on the floor, or standing.

  • Shoulders  Upper Body 

  • Arms 

  • Lateral deltoid, Latissimus Dorsi

  • TIP: This should be on everyone's to-do list. It will reduce back and shoulder tightness and keep your arms working at their potential.


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