Standing Plank

  • Stand behind the ball with one foot in front of the other. Bend down and place your elbows on top of the ball. Clasp your hands together.

  • Engage your abs and back pulling your shoulders down. Shift your weight onto your elbows as you step back with the other foot and place your feet together. Hold until your form starts to fail or until you are no longer able to keep our abs pulled to your back. Step into the ball with one foot at a time.

  • Stability ball

  • Abdominals 

  • Arms  Chest 

  • Rectus abdominis, Transverse abdominis, Latissiumus dorsi, Triceps brachii

  • TIP: Keep your hips higher if you want more assistance. You can build your strength up gradually as you notice that your form stays correct for longer periods of time.

Variations for Standing Plank

  • Plank

    This works your transverse abdominals, back, and triceps and can help build strength to do push-ups.

  • Pike

    A hard variation of plank exercise, this will develop upper body and core strength.

  • Knee Tucks

    A harder variation of plank exercise, this boosts circulation and gives your chest, arms and abs a workout all at once. It will even give you a lower back stretch while developing coordination.


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