Reverse Forearm Curl - Stability Ball

Other types of Reverse Forearm Curl: Free Weight Machine Resistance Tube

  • Sit on the ball with a small dumbbell in each hand, elbows on top of your lap and palms down.

  • Leave your forearm still and pull the back of your hand towards your forearm, then lower slowly back to the starting position.

  • A stability ball, and any kind of light weight will work for this exercise. You do not need dumbbells to do it (i.e. soup can).

  • Arms 

  • Wrist extensors

  • TIP: You may want to omit this exercise if you have carpel tunnel syndrome. Two to five pounds is sufficient for most people for this exercise.

Variations for Reverse Forearm Curl

  • Forearm Curl

    Forearm strength will help you grip weights better and improve your performance in such sports as baseball or rock climbing. Grab a 1-5 pound dumbbell and do this exercise every week.


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