Glute Squeeze - Stability Ball

Other types of Glute Squeeze: Bodyweight

  • Kneel behind the ball, then walk forward on your hands with your stomach on the ball until your hips are on top of the ball.

  • Press the soles of your shoes together. Lift them towards the ceiling to engage your glutes, pause, lower. After your set, carefully walk your hands back towards the ball and release your feet to the floor.

  • Hips 

  • Thighs 

  • Gluteus maximus, Pectoralis major

  • TIP: Maintain neutral spine with your focus going towards the floor to prevent excessive arching of your back. The movement should come mainly from your thighs.

Variations for Glute Squeeze

  • Standing Leg Lift

    Put your hands on a chair or bench instead of the ball if it is too challenging to keep your balance.


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