Chest Press - Stability Ball

Other types of Chest Press: Free Weight Machine Resistance Tube

  • Sit on the ball with dumbbells in your hands on your lap. Rounding your spine and tucking your hips under, walk forward one foot at a time maintaining your balance until your back and head are on the ball.

  • Press your hips up then press the dumbbells straight over your shoulders with your palms facing the same direction as your toes. Pause, then open your elbows to a 90 degree angle keeping your forearms perpendicular to the ceiling.

  • If you do not have dumbbells, you can use any other weight to add resistance. Something you can comfortably hold without hurting your wrists.

  • Chest 

  • Arms  Shoulders 

  • Pectoralis major, Triceps brachii

  • TIP: Practice walking out to the supine position from the seated position without the dumbbells. If you are using heavy dumbbells, have a partner hand them to you once you are in the supine position to prevent injury.


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