Lateral Deltoid Raise - Resistance Tube

Other types of Lateral Deltoid Raise: Free Weight Machine Stability Ball

  • Step on the tube with both feet. Hold the handles with your palms facing the sides of your legs. Bend your elbows slightly.

  • Raise both arms to the sides of your shoulders, keeping your shoulders down and your elbows pointing to the back of the room. Lower slowly to starting position.

  • Shoulders 

  • Medial deltoid

  • TIP: Pull your shoulders back and down, holding them throughout the set. As you do this, think of keeping your chest wide so that your shoulders are not tempted to round forward.

Variations for Lateral Deltoid Raise

  • Upright Row

    This exercise is elbow friendly since you bend it naturally as you do the exercise. Done with tubes, you can quickly transition to other arm and shoulder exercises.


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