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Other types of Row: Free Weight Resistance Tube Stability Ball

  • Adjust the seat if necessary so that your shoulders are positioned slightly higher than the handles. Sit with your back in neutral alignment and your feet flat on the floor. Grasp the handles with hands evenly spaced.

  • Retract your scapulae and pull your elbows just past your ribs. Pause and squeeze between your shoulder blades, then slowly straighten your arms.

  • The angle of chest pads vary between row machines. Just be careful that you do not depend too much on the chest pad by relaxing your torso into it. Keep your legs active and your shoulders pulled down and back for proper positioning.

  • Back 

  • Arms  Shoulders 

  • Middle and lower trapezius, Latissimus dorsi, Rhomboids, Teres major and minor, Posterior deltoid, Infraspinatus, Brachialis, Brachioradialis, Pectoralis major, Erector spinae, Biceps brachii

  • TIP: Keep your shoulders pulled down away from your ears throughout the exercise. Aim for your shoulder blades to meet in the middle of your back when your elbows are farthest back.

Variations for Row

  • Split Lunge Row

    This machine allows you to personalize the movement a little more than other row machines since the cable gives you more freedom, allowing you to change the position of your arms. Doing it standing adds additional challenge to your core and legs.

  • Row With Rotation

    You can use different handles and grips when you are doing this exercise with cables.

  • Pronated Grip Row

    Instead of your palms facing each other like in the row, your hands are internally rotated with this exercise, therefore you will have to engage your rotator muscles in order to execute the exercise properly, strengthening the shoulders and back.

  • Cable Row

    This machine allows you to personalize the movement even more than other row machines since having two cables allows your arms to work independently.


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