Prone Leg Curl

  • Lay face down on the pad and grasp the handles. Place the back of your ankles on the ankle pad, engage your abdominals and push your hips into the pad.

  • Curl your heels towards your hips, keeping your feet parallel. Pause with your heels as close as possible to your hips without arching your back, then slowly lower until your legs are straight.

  • Thighs 

  • Hamstrings

  • TIP: Keep your head neutral on your spine, either forehead on the bench or slightly lifted with your focus towards the ground. This will prevent one side of your neck from fatiguing unevenly.

Variations for Prone Leg Curl

  • Leg Curl

    A great option for hamstring isolation if you prefer not to lie down on your stomach. The back pad encourages your spine to remain still and your hips to remain in contact with the bench.


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