Leg Curl - Machine

Other types of Leg Curl: Stability Ball

  • Adjust the machine so that the backs of your knees are snug against the edge of the seat. Place your legs on the ankle pad with the pad just behind your ankles and below your calf muscles. Secure the lap pad so that your knees are secure.

  • Engage your abs and bring your heels towards your hips, pause at the furthest point you can without arching your back, then slowly extend your legs to the starting position.

  • The adjustments on leg curl machines can vary, so ask someone or read the instructions on the machine to figure out your personal settings before using the machine.

  • Thighs 

  • Lower Legs 

  • Hamstrings

  • TIP: Hold onto the handles and engage your abs to prevent your back from arching.

Variations for Leg Curl

  • Prone Leg Curl

    This machine is very effective for isolating your hamstrings if you are comfortable laying on your stomach.


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