Hip Abduction - Machine

Other types of Hip Abduction: Bodyweight Resistance Tube Stability Ball

  • Sit in the machine with your back pressed firmly against the back pad and grasp the handles.

  • Engage your abdominals and press your knees apart as far as your flexibility allows. Pause, then bring your knees together slowly, keeping the weight stack you are lifting off of the resting stack.

  • Some hip abduction machines will require you to sit upright while others will have a back pad at a fixed incline. Place your body at the suggested position by leaning against the back pad with a neutral spine.

  • Hips 

  • Tensor fasciae latae, Gluteus medius and minimus and maximus, Piriformis

  • TIP: Push the weight apart using your upper thigh and hip muscles, trying to keep the lower legs and hip flexors as uninvolved as possible.

Variations for Hip Abduction

  • Cable Hip Abduction

    Even though you are only moving one leg at a time, this works your stabilizing leg as well as your moving leg.


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