Chest Press - Machine

Other types of Chest Press: Free Weight Resistance Tube Stability Ball

  • Press your back flat against the back pad and pull your navel to your lower back to stabilize your core.

  • Press the weight slowly away from your chest until your arms are straight. Pause, then slowly return to a 90 degree elbow bend.

  • Some machines have a bar to put your foot on to press the handles far enough forward so that they are easier to grab. Your machine may or may not have a foot rest on which to rest your feet while you work. Either way, keep the arms between 90-180 degree

  • Chest 

  • Arms  Shoulders 

  • Pectoralis major and minor, Triceps brachii, Anterior deltoids

  • TIP: Take your elbows as far back as your shoulders, not behind them. Your risk for injury would increase dramatically. The time to push your arms through a wide range of motion is during stretching, not during weight training exercises.

Variations for Chest Press

  • Chest Press - Smith Machine

    Chest Press with dumbbells

  • Cable Chest Press

    Two cables are used with independent handles in order to strengthen your stabilizer muscles. You can slightly vary the angle of your arms to work your muscles from different angles.


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