Cable Side Bend

  • Stand with feet slightly apart and hold a handle attached to a cable set low to the floor. Keep your spine neutral and engage your abs, placing the other hand behind your head.

  • Bend away from the cable, pulling the handle away from the ground. Slowly lower the weight and return to upright stance.

  • Cable pull

  • Abdominals 

  • Arms 

  • Rectus abdominis, Internal and external obliques, Lateral and posterior deltoid, Brachialis

  • TIP: Lift up through your spine and stand as tall as you can before bending sideways. Make sure that you keep your spine neutral and your abs and obliques engaged while doing this exercise. If you have a back problem, omit this exercise.

Variations for Cable Side Bend

  • Crunches

    With proper form, this machine can take the place of hundreds of crunches that you may be used to doing by making each crunch many times harder than it would be without the added weight.


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