Cable Hip Adduction

  • Set the cable close to the floor then select the weight you want to use. Put the ankle strap around your ankle. Stand with your supporting leg furthest from the cable then hold onto something stable.

  • Keep your knees slightly bent and pull your ankle towards your standing leg. Release your leg away from you without moving your hips.

  • Use a cable pulley and a loop attachment to go around your leg.

  • Thighs 

  • Adductor magnus, Brevis and longus, Pectineus, Gracilis

  • TIP: You can position the cable at knee height and then strap around your thigh just above your knee if that is more comfortable for you.

Variations for Cable Hip Adduction

  • Hip Adduction

    This seated machine allows you to rest the other muscles of your legs while you fatigue your inner thighs, and is non-strenuous on your knees.


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