Shoulder Press - Free Weight

Other types of Shoulder Press: Machine Resistance Tube Stability Ball Stretching

  • Sit in an upright bench so that your back is supported, then grasp the handles so that the weight is in the heel of your hand with your palms facing away from you.

  • Press dumbbells overhead until the weights almost touch. Pause, then slowly lower your arms to a 90 degree bend, elbows staying just slightly in front of your body.

  • Shoulders 

  • Arms 

  • Anterior deltoid, Lateral deltoid, Supraspinatus, Triceps brachii, Middle and lower trapezius,

  • TIP: Keep your back against the back pad of the chair. Keep your arms slightly in front of you so that your can just see your elbows with your peripheral vision.

Variations for Shoulder Press

  • Smith Shoulder Press

    Use a shoulder press machine if your gym does not have a Smith machine.

  • Rotating Shoulder Press

    This movement adds a slight rotation to work your shoulders from a different angle.

  • Military Press

    If you are lifting a heavier-than-normal weight, use an upright chair to ensure good posture throughout the exercise.

  • Barbell Shoulder Press

    If you are lifting a challenging weight, ask someone to spot you to make sure you are comfortable with the weight.

  • Barbell Military Press

    Use an upright chair in order to ensure good posture if you are lifting a challenging weight.


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