Loaded Calf Press

  • Place the weight plates on the machine, then adjust the knee pad so that your knees fit snugly before sitting down. Place the balls of your feet on the foot bar.

  • Press your heels up and release the safety latch. Lower and raise your heels until your calves fatigue, then replace the safety latch.

  • Lower Legs 

  • Gastrocnemius, Soleus

  • TIP: Lean back slightly to take the pressure off of your thighs and into your calves.

Variations for Loaded Calf Press

  • Seated Calf Press

    This targets the calf muscles differently than if you were standing, so is a great way to cross-train your calves.

  • Calf Press

    Holding weight in your hands can fatigue your calves faster than using just your body weight. These can be done holding any kind of extra resistance: dumbbells, a backpack, or even bags of groceries while you wait for the bus.

  • Barbell Calf Press

    This can be done as an alternative to the calf press machine. You can use an alternative weight, such as a weighted medicine ball, if you do not have a barbell.


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