Lateral Lunges - Free Weight

Other types of Lateral Lunges: Bodyweight

  • Holding two dumbbells, start standing with your feet together and shoulders pulled back.

  • Step to the right, bending your right knee and leaning slightly forward. Push off your right leg and return to starting position. Repeat to the left.

  • Use two dumbbells, or omit if you have never done this exercise before and add only after feeling comfortable with your range of motion.

  • Thighs 

  • Hips  Lower Legs 

  • Rectus femoris, Vastus lateralis, Vasuts medialis, Vastus intermedius, Adductor longus, Adductor brevis, Adductor magnus, Gluteus maximus, Soleus

  • TIP: Be careful that your knee points straight forward, lands over your ankle, and does not twist.

Variations for Lateral Lunges

  • Step-ups

    Use a small step, then a slightly larger step, then a bench to gradually increase your strength and not injure yourself by doing an exercise before your body has the strength for it.

  • Stationary Lunges

    You can also use a step to elevate your front foot, or a Bosu ball to challenge your balance.

  • Lunges

    Using weights with lunges fatigues your legs faster in order to keep lunges challenging when doing them without weight becomes too easy.

  • Lateral Lunges Off Step

    Using a step or platform adds a whole new dimension to lunges since it makes your legs work through a larger range of motion.


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