Lateral Deltoid Raise - Free Weight

Other types of Lateral Deltoid Raise: Machine Resistance Tube Stability Ball

  • Stand with your knees slightly bent, engage your abs, and slightly retract your scapulae. Lengthen your spine and broaden your chest.

  • Lift the dumbbells to the sides of your body, palms down. Pause at shoulder height, then lower slowly to the starting position.

  • Shoulders 

  • Lateral deltoid, Anterior deltoid, Supraspinatus, Middle and lower trapezius, Serratus anterior

  • TIP: Bend your elbows slightly to engage your deltoids and involve your biceps as little as possible.

Variations for Lateral Deltoid Raise

  • Upright Row

    Using dumbbells for this exercise allows your arms to move with more freedom so you can customize the movement to what feels best to your arms.

  • Standing Deltoid Fly

    A more advanced version of the seated deltoid fly.

  • Barbell Upright Row

    Using a bar for this exercise may allow you to lift slightly more weight than with dumbbells, and still allows you the freedom to move in a manner feels best to your arms.


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