Calf Press - Free Weight

Other types of Calf Press: Bodyweight Machine Resistance Tube Stability Ball

  • Stand with your feet hip width apart and hold 2 dumbbells (or other weight if you do not have dumbbells). Straighten your legs without locking your knees and engage your abs.

  • Press your heels up through the center of your ankle as high as you can without rolling to the outside of your feet, then lightly touch the floor with your heels before you raise up again.

  • Lower Legs 

  • Gastrocnemius, Soleus

  • TIP: If you want assistance with your balance, hold only one dumbbell and hold lightly onto a wall with the other hand. Switch hands halfway through, or switch hands on your second set.

Variations for Calf Press

  • Seated Calf Press

    This targets the calf muscles differently than if you were standing, so is a great way to cross-train your calves.

  • Loaded Calf Press

    This picture is missing but you can understand how to execute it by reading the preparation and execution.

  • Barbell Calf Press

    This can be done as an alternative to the calf press machine. You can use an alternative weight, such as a weighted medicine ball, if you do not have a barbell.


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