Wall Push-ups - Bodyweight

Other types of Wall Push-ups: Stability Ball

  • Stand about an arm's distance (with hands flexed) away from a wall with your feet parallel and together. Place your hands on the wall with your fingertips opposite the tops of your shoulders.

  • Slowly bend your elbows keeping your body in one straight line from head to heels, then press your body weight away from the wall until your arms are straight.

  • Sturdy wall.

  • Chest 

  • Back  Shoulders 

  • Pectoralis major and minor, Anterior deltoids, Triceps brachii

  • TIP: Pull your shoulders blades down towards the floor and squeeze them towards each other.

Variations for Wall Push-ups

  • Push-ups

    Place your knees on the floor to make the load on your chest and arms a bit lighter.


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