Side-lying Legs Lift

  • Lay on your side and stack one leg on top of the other. Your legs should be about 20 degrees in front of you instead of directly below your body.

  • Engage your abdominals and lift your legs towards the ceiling, squeezing your inner thighs together. Lower and repeat.

  • A mat is helpful.

  • Hips  Inner Thighs  Lower Body  Thighs 

  • Abdominals 

  • Adductor magnus, Longus and brevis, Transversus abdominis, Multifidus

  • TIP: Keep your feet completely together, squeezing from your ankles all the way up to your inner thigh.

Variations for Side-lying Legs Lift

  • Standing Hip Adduction

    This is a subtle exercise you can do anywhere to engage the inner thighs and keep them long and lean.

  • Side-lying Hip Adduction

    A great way to tone the inner thigh, you can do this one lying down anywhere.

  • Hip Adduction With Squats

    Holding a small medicine ball or simple inflatable 6 inch ball between your knees works your hip adductors' stamina, as they have to stay engaged to prevent dropping the ball.

  • Hip Adduction

    You can use a Fitness Circle, a small ball or even a pillow between your knees to strengthen your inner thighs without a machine or free weights.


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