Kneeling Hip Abduction

  • Kneel on your hands and knees then place the top of your feet on the floor.

  • With your left knee bent 90 degrees, lift your leg sideways towards the ceiling without moving your hips. Keep your foot pointed to keep your hips in place as you lower to the starting position.

  • None

  • Hips 

  • Arms  Back 

  • Gluteus medius, Gluteus minimus, Tensor fasciae latae

  • TIP: Keep your shoulders pulled away from your ears and your abs puled away from the floor.

Variations for Kneeling Hip Abduction

  • Standing Hip Abduction

    Do this on your toes for more challenge, or try doing it without holding on to anything.

  • Hip Abduction

    This is a subtle exercise to strengthen your abductors that you can do anywhere you can lay down.

  • Clam

    You can take this exercise on vacation with you to keep your legs strong and energized. A great, non-bulking toner for the hips.


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