Clam - Bodyweight

Other types of Clam: Stability Ball

  • Lay on your right side with both legs bent. Place your left hand lightly on the floor in front of you to keep your hips vertically stacked.

  • Pull your abs towards your back then rotate your thigh towards the ceiling. Keep your hips still and return your knee to starting position.

  • None

  • Glutes  Hips 

  • Gluteus medius, Tensor fasciae latae

  • TIP: Roll a towel and place it under your head and neck for support instead of taking your arm overhead if you have a shoulder or neck injury or if it is uncomfortable.

Variations for Clam

  • Standing Hip Abduction

    Do this on your toes for more challenge, or try doing it without holding on to anything.

  • Kneeling Hip Abduction

    You can do this on a Bosu for extra challenge. Use a Bosu under your supporting knee and prop your hands on a step or another Bosu if possible.

  • Hip Abduction

    This is a subtle exercise to strengthen your abductors that you can do anywhere you can lay down.


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