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  • Barbell Tricep Extension

    This exercise works the triceps and stretches the lats while supporting your spine and encouraging proper spinal alignment.

Benefits of keeping a fitness journal

Fitness journals should keep track of each workout with details of how you felt, DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), meals/snacks, sleep, and more. Listed below are the benefits you will get from keeping a workout journal:

  • Studies have shown that keeping an exercise log is a great way to maintain a consistent workout plan. Keeping a log that your friends can see is an excellent motivator to stick to your routine. Knowing that you are going to be accountable will get you off the couch on those days when motivation wanes. You will look forward to finishing your workout and showing off your progress on your results page. Especially at the end of the month when your calendar is covered with all of the activities you did...instead of a lot of blank squares telling you what you could have done.

  • You'll learn if you are on the right track with your overall approach to a healthy life. If you note that you are feeling frustrated after your workouts on Tuesdays, and exhilarated after your workouts on Thursdays, you can take a look at your journal and determine why. Maybe you don't like the Tuesday Body Pump class' teacher as much as the one on Thursdays, or maybe you are staying up too late on Monday nights. Either way, you can change your behavior so that Tuesdays are as good as Thursdays.

  • Exercise logs are beneficial in determining if you are gaining muscular strength and flexibility. If you are trying to get stronger but are not able to do more repetitions or sets, you can see this by reviewing your logs. If you do not record the information, you will just have to guess if you are making specific gains. You owe yourself more than a guess after all of that hard work you have put in!

  • Give yourself credit for the progress you have made even when the number on the scale stays the same. You can do this by recording your bodyfat percentage or your circumference measurements. Most people get discouraged when the scale reads the same every week, but know this: if your bodyfat percentage is going down while your muscle mass is going up, then the numbers could stay the same. That is okay, even great! It means you are gaining lean muscle and getting rid of fat. Your clothes will be looser since muscle takes up LESS space in your body than fat, and it burns up to 50 calories more per pound. Keep your journal up-to-date by logging your bodyfat or circumference once every two weeks.

  • By reviewing your exercise diary, you will see patterns of how your lifestyle is affected from each workout and be able to make necessary changes. If you are so sore after lifting weights on "leg day" that you can't stand without pain for five days, then you will know to back off and reduce the weight by 5-10 pounds. It is better to make slow and steady increases in resistance than try to "catch up" by lifting too much one day. That only keeps you out of the gym for an unnecessarily extended period of time.


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