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    There are many yoga poses that can be done with another yogi. Not only will you benefit from your yoga partner's assistance in deepening your stretches, but you'll also make a valueable emotional connection. Share your love and devotion today.

  • Yoga Teachers

    Finding the perfect yoga teacher, instructor or guru takes time. All yoga teachers have a different approach and so you should try several different teacher until you find the one whose teachings and class structure speak to you and your style of practice.

  • Yoga Studios

    There are many more yoga studios than there were ten years ago. Now, you can even search for studios that teach different styles of yoga from Kundalini to Bikram in most cities. See if you can take a free or discounted introductory class.

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  • Yoga Partner Practice

    Yoga done with a partner can be a very fulfilling and extremely effective way to practice. When picking a partner to practice yoga with, be sure you are comfortable being close to the person. They should be someone you trust, so you never doubt their ability to assist you in a positive and helpful manner.

    There are many poses that can be done with a yoga partner. Try beginning with a back to back breathing pose. Sit with legs crossed back to back with your head and shoulders resting gently against your partner's head and shoulders. Begin breathing into the area between your shoulder blades. Feel your partner's breath and try to synchronize your breathing. Another simple partner yoga pose is the shared child's pose. In this pose, one partner remains on the floor sitting on their knees and bending their whole upper body over their legs with arms outstretched in front of them. The other parther lies belly up on top of the floor partners back. your shoulder blades should meet and the partner on top should keep their legs ground for stability and in order to not put too much weight on the floor.

    For the more advanced yoga partners, try the double downward dog where one partner positions themselves in a sturdy and stable downward dog, while the other partner stands about leg distance from their partner, gets into a downward dog position then slowly and carefully places their feet one at a time on to the first partners lower back. This pose requires a lot of strength and trust, so avoid it if you are a beginner.

  • Yoga Retreats for Partners

    Once you've found your perfect yoga partner, why not go on a yoga retreat together? Yoga retreats are good for the beginner to the advanced yoga student. Most yoga retreats are week long to 6 week long workshops located in beautiful, natural locations. Typically, the retreat establishment will provide housing and vegetarian meals.

    While at your yoga retreat, you and your yoga partner will wake early and join others in meditation sessions, stretching and cleansing workshops, yoga lectures and musical performance. Most yoga retreats allow for alone time, so that you and your partner can part company or share your experiences without the company of others.

    Take your yoga practice to the next level, look for a yoga retreat in an exotic place, you've never been or just commit to one at your local studio. See if any of the Yoga Studios listed here at FitLink have retreats you can join. If your studio is hosting a retreat post it on our Events page.

  • Yoga Teacher Training

    No one takes aging lightly, especially your body. As we age our muscles shorten, our bones ache, our spines give in to gravity, our pulses slow and we feel less energized. But there is still time left to enjoy your body. Yoga is one of the best, most effective and easy ways to rejuveniate and rediscover your youthful glow. Because yoga is not only a form of exercise, but also a healing art, it provides many benefits for seniors.

    Many seniors suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, incontinence and high blood pressure. Yoga asanas, or poses, have been designed to help the body naturally heal many of these aliments. The three most accesible benefits of yoga for seniors include increased stability, regained flexibility, and improved circulation. If you are too afraid to get down on the floor to do your yoga asanas for fear you won't be able to get back up, check out yoga classes that utilize chairs. Many senior yoga classes modify yoga poses so that the individual can remain seated and safe but still practice regularly.

    Most seniors report improved mood and energy levels after regularly attending yoga classes. Be sure the class you attend is taught by a certified yoga teacher, preferrably someone who has experience working with older yoga practicioners to ensure your own safety. Trust that your yoga teacher would not push you past what your body is capable and stay in the joyous moment!

  • Yoga For Seniors

    If you've found a true passion for yoga, then maybe you should get certified to teach it. There are many ways to get certified to teachyoga. Unlike other exercise forms like sports or dance where you don't necessarily need certification as much as experience, most yoga studios require that you enroll in a teacher trainer program.

    Yoga teacher training programs vary from style to style. Some studios only require a month of study with a certain amount of hours spent observing classes and being observed. Other studios will require you to travel for your certification and spend several months in practice and study. Most programs will teach you not only the poses and their names, but also the studio's philosophy, along with yoga sayings, music and history. Many programs spend a lot of time focusing on kinesology and anatomy which will greatly inform about how to adjust your students when teaching proper positioning.

    All programs will charge for the certification. Look for programs that will help you find classes to teach or will have you assist other teachers until they feel you are ready for your own class. Check and see what sort of assistance the yoga studio provides after you have completed your certification.

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