Stability Ball Workouts

  • 10 Minute Leg Workout

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    This workout strengthens your legs and hips and even works your balance. Your glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves will fatigue quickly with this efficient workout. Do one set if you are a beginner, or up to 3 if you are advanced. Move quickly from one...

  • Expectant Mom's Top 10 Exercises

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    This workout starts with a 15 minute walk, then includes ten exercises you can do to tone your whole body and prepare important muscles to help make pregnancy and being a new mom easier. Remember that your joints are more flexible while pregnant due to...

  • Hamstring Workout with Ball

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    This is a great workout to strengthen the hamstrings with just a stability ball. Do this workout twice a week: 2 sets of 15 reps should be your goal, adding reps when that becomes easy. Do each rep slowly and with your knees over your ankles, not rolling...

  • Stability Ball Workout with Tubes

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    I am leaving the weight and rep fields blank. Fill them in after your workout (or before to motivate yourself to accomplish a certain number!) in the "Record Results" option on your calendar.

  • Balance and Core Workout

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    This workout concentrates on balance work and core strengthening.

  • Ball Workout for Legs

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    All you need is a ball. I recommend investing in one ($15 online) if you do not own one. You can even sit on it while working at your desk or watching tv to give you a balance workout and strengthen your core.

    Your ball should be pumped up firmly enough...

  • On the Ball

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    You only need a ball to do this full body workout. If you don't have a ball, you can use a chair or the floor.

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