Balance Workouts

  • Wii Fit - Yoga


    Wii Fit Yoga Workout! Aim for 20 minutes. Chances are, you'll feel so good after that you will want to bump it up to 30 minutes. Have fun! Namaste~

  • Mark4Fitness:Shoulders & Upper Back

    resistance tube

    This workout focuses on shoulders and upper back utilizing exercise tubes. This routine is ideal for those who have had shoulder injuries and have been through physical therapy for this delicate joint. People who sit behind a desk all day working on...

  • Stability Ball Workout with Tubes

    activityfree weightstability ballresistance tubebosu

    I am leaving the weight and rep fields blank. Fill them in after your workout (or before to motivate yourself to accomplish a certain number!) in the "Record Results" option on your calendar.

  • Balance and Core Workout

    activitystability ball

    This workout concentrates on balance work and core strengthening.

  • Ball Workout for Legs

    stability ballactivity

    All you need is a ball. I recommend investing in one ($15 online) if you do not own one. You can even sit on it while working at your desk or watching tv to give you a balance workout and strengthen your core.

    Your ball should be pumped up firmly enough...

  • Quick Bodyweight Workout

    activitybodyweightfree weight

    This workout starts out with a walk then strengthens your legs further with exercises using your bodyweight. No equipment is necessary unless you want to make the exercises harder.

    If you don't have a lot of time, skip the walk and do the strengthening...

  • Balance Challenge with Core Workout

    activitybodyweightwobble boardstability ballstretching

    This is a light workout that will keep you from feeling stiff and will refresh you for the week ahead.

    Note: Any unstable surface, like a couch cushion, will be a good balance strengthener if you do not have access to a wobble board.

  • On the Ball

    stability ball

    You only need a ball to do this full body workout. If you don't have a ball, you can use a chair or the floor.

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