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  • softball 2009 workout

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  • N.E.N.(No Equipment Necessary)-Beginner


    This 15 minute workout should be done in order for proper progression of exercises as well as for the benefit of an increased heart rate. Do one set of 8-10 repetitions every day, adding 5 repetitions once you can complete it with no soreness the next...

  • N.E.N.(No Equipment Necessary)-Advanced


    This 15 minute workout requires you to get on and off of the floor a few times so will increase your heartrate and will work the major muscles. Start with two minutes of gentle stretching to loosen up and finish with two minutes of stretching as a...

  • Ten minute Glute workout

    free weightstability ballbodyweight

    Do ten repetitions of each exercise, rest one minute, then do 10 more reps of each exercise. Do each rep slowly and to your maximum range of motion. Click the exercise name to read full instructions on how to execute each exercise.

  • Marathon


    A marathon is a long distance running event named after a battle messenger in ancient Greece. The official distance, standardized in 1921, is 26.22 miles.

    Training for a marathon is a lengthy process that involves several months of gradual increases in...

  • Triathlon


    A triathlon is a combination endurance event consisting of swimming, cycling, and running.

    Triathlons lengths vary from sprints to the Iron Man, which finishes with a full length marathon.

    This workout is a template for recording triathlons. Click the...

  • Upper Body Express

    aerobic / cardiofree weight

    You can work your upper body in 30 minutes with this workout. Alternate opposing muscle groups (i.e.chest then back) to give one muscle a recovery break and work its opposite.

  • Full Body in an Hour

    aerobic / cardiomachinefree weight

    You can complete this workout in an hour or less at your gym. It is designed to piggyback 2 exercises at a time, alternating between upper body and lower body to give you active rest breaks. This gives one muscle group a chance to recover while another...

  • On the Ball

    stability ball

    You only need a ball to do this full body workout. If you don't have a ball, you can use a chair or the floor.

  • Lower Body Express

    activityfree weightmedicine ballstability ballbodyweight

    Do a 5 minute cardio warm-up, then these 6 exercises for a hard, fast lower body workout.

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