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  • Upper Body Resistance Tube Workout II

    resistance tube

    This workout strengthens your chest, back, shoulders, biceps and triceps. After a warm-up, do a set of each exercise then repeat. There are 8 exercises, so that is 16 sets total. Use a resistance tube that challenges you but does not compromise your form.

  • Beginner Strength Training

    bodyweightfree weightresistance tube

    Workout is designed to be a full-body strength training workout, with many modifications to compensate for lack of overall upper body strength.

  • Biking


  • N.E.N. for Legs (No Equipment Necessary)


    Start with a walk for a warm up (preferably 10 minutes or more), then execute 2 sets of each exercise listed. Do only 1 set if you are short on time. Finish with stretches for the leg and hip muscles.

  • Perfect Pecs Workout

    stability ballmachine

    This workout uses motion as well as isometrics in order to strengthen your chest and core. Pair with tricep extensions if your chest wears out and you still have power left in your arms. Start with 2 sets if you are new to this workout, then work your way...

  • Best Core Workout for Athletes

    bodyweightfree weightstability ballmachinebosu

    This is a tough workout for your core which is great for athletes such as cyclists and runners because it strengthens your abdominals, obliques and lower back. It requires isometric strength and will also help you build core strength needed while your...

  • Leg and Back Workout for Rowers

    aerobic / cardiobodyweightstability ballmachineresistance tube

    This workout strengthens your legs, arms, and back to give you power during your rowing sessions. Use the rowing machine for five minutes to warm-up. Then start with the strength training exercises (2-3 sets each), and finish with a set of rowing for...

  • Exercise Tube Arm Workout

    resistance tubebodyweight

    This is a quick, intense workout that you can do every day to strengthen your arms and keep them toned. You need one exercise tube and 8 minutes. Do 2 sets of each exercise to fatigue (feel a good burn at the end of each set, whether that is 10 reps for...

  • 10k


    A 10k, or 10,000 meters (approximately 6.2 miles), is a long distance running event.

    At twice the length of a 5k, the 10k requires a high level of fitness and can be used as training for the longer Half-Marathon.

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  • 5k


    A 5k, or 5000 meter (approximately 3.1 mile) race, is a medium distance running / walking event.

    The race can be challenging for novices and experts alike, as you can adjust the pace for your ability. For the next step up in distance, consider the 10k.

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