Oblique Workouts

  • Best Core Workout for Athletes

    bodyweightfree weightstability ballmachinebosu

    This is a tough workout for your core which is great for athletes such as cyclists and runners because it strengthens your abdominals, obliques and lower back. It requires isometric strength and will also help you build core strength needed while your...

  • Bodyweight Back Workout


    This is a workout you can do to strengthen your back if you do not have any equipment. You can do one set of each exercise, then repeat the order once more, or do 2 sets of each exercise before moving on to the next.

  • Tube Back Workout

    resistance tube

    This workout contains 6 exercises that target your entire back. Do 2-3 sets of about 12 repetitions each. Wait 45 seconds between sets.

  • Buff Back Workout

    machinefree weight

    There are 6 exercises in this workout. Do 2 sets of 12 repetitions, then move on to the next exercise. Wait 45 seconds between each set.

  • Full Body Tube Workout

    resistance tube

    Use an exercise tube for this workout to strengthen your back and chest, arms and abs, legs and hips. You may want to have a lighter resistance tube for the arm exercises. Fill in how many repetitions and sets you did so you can improve upon that time you...

  • Balance and Core Workout

    activitystability ball

    This workout concentrates on balance work and core strengthening.

  • Upper Body Free Weights

    bodyweightfree weightactivity

    If you do not have free weights, you can use an exercise tube instead. Use weight that is challenging to you by the last 3 reps.

    Tip: Whenever you take a break to get water, do a one-leg stand and try to maintain your balance while you close your eyes....

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