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  • Mark4Fitness:Shoulders & Upper Back

    resistance tube

    This workout focuses on shoulders and upper back utilizing exercise tubes. This routine is ideal for those who have had shoulder injuries and have been through physical therapy for this delicate joint. People who sit behind a desk all day working on...

  • Full Body Cardio Workout

    aerobic / cardio

    This cardio workout is designed to strengthen your upper and lower body while challenging your cardiovascular system. It also strengthens your connective tissue and helps create bone density by adding jump rope. I recommend doing 1-3 sets, alternating to...

  • Quick summer workout


    If it's too hot to go to the gym, or you just don't have time for more than a quick workout, try this quick workout which requires no equipment. Fill in the repetitions that you did in order to keep track of your progress day to day or week to week.

  • Leg and Back Workout for Rowers

    aerobic / cardiobodyweightstability ballmachineresistance tube

    This workout strengthens your legs, arms, and back to give you power during your rowing sessions. Use the rowing machine for five minutes to warm-up. Then start with the strength training exercises (2-3 sets each), and finish with a set of rowing for...

  • Bodyweight Back Workout


    This is a workout you can do to strengthen your back if you do not have any equipment. You can do one set of each exercise, then repeat the order once more, or do 2 sets of each exercise before moving on to the next.

  • Tube Back Workout

    resistance tube

    This workout contains 6 exercises that target your entire back. Do 2-3 sets of about 12 repetitions each. Wait 45 seconds between sets.

  • Buff Back Workout

    machinefree weight

    There are 6 exercises in this workout. Do 2 sets of 12 repetitions, then move on to the next exercise. Wait 45 seconds between each set.

  • Upper Body Resistance Tube Workout

    activityresistance tube

    Start with a walk to warm up, then use an exercise tube for the strengthening exercises. Use a heavier resistance tube for the chest and back exercises if possible. Do one set of each exercise; if you are able, do a second set of each exercise.


  • Balance Challenge with Core Workout

    activitybodyweightwobble boardstability ballstretching

    This is a light workout that will keep you from feeling stiff and will refresh you for the week ahead.

    Note: Any unstable surface, like a couch cushion, will be a good balance strengthener if you do not have access to a wobble board.

  • Upper Body Express

    aerobic / cardiofree weight

    You can work your upper body in 30 minutes with this workout. Alternate opposing muscle groups (i.e.chest then back) to give one muscle a recovery break and work its opposite.

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